Hello, and Welcome!

After a few years of inactivity, I decided to bring back Walking Ideas as a game developer blog, and make the full version of Oshiro available online for free.   Oshiro is a puzzle game that Rick and I built back in the days, and it actually started out as an actual board game.  We still have a wooden prototype and a refined, plastic prototype sitting in our homes.  Every so often, I still take them out and introduce folks to it.

“It’s actually pretty damn fun,” I always say to myself.

Now that I am busy with my social gaming start-up (TribalCrossing) and Oshiro has been removed from Shockwave.com, I figure I should just let all the puzzle enthusiasts out there give it a try.  I managed to dig up the old source code and old level files from an old computer, and I should get the game cleaned up for everybody soon.

As for the blog… I think I’m going to start writing about my experience in the “social gaming” space, but I expect to eventually write more about ideas, observations, and thoughts on game designs in general.   Overtime, I would like to build out a section that lists many of the “party game” or “real-life social game” ideas that I’ve tossed around with many of my designer friends over the year.   The idea behind that is to create a collection of unique games you can bust out next time you have some friends over.

So, Hello!  And welcome.

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