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Key stats to monitor for your Membase cluster

Happy holidays everyone!  I realize that from working with Membase in our production over the last year, I’ve collected a few key commands in my .bashrc for quickly checking vital stats on my Membase servers, many of them came from the good folks at Couchbase.   Their wiki has improved over the year as well, […]
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Migrating Membase Cluster – Part 2

After up all night babysitting the rebalance process, I am happy to report that it was a rather uneventful night of maintenance.  The rebalance itself took 8-9 hours to complete, and then took another hour for all the replicas to get saved to the disk also.  Theoretically, I didn’t need to take the site down […]
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Migrating Membase Cluster – Part 1

I got an email from EC2 a few days ago that a number of our instances that serves Animal Party have pending reboots coming up.   It turns out that ALL of the 8 nodes in our membase cluster are scheduled for a reboot.   Sure, a reboot on any database server is expected to […]
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Trouble handling Icon\r file with Git

We installed a new process for managing content couple weeks ago, where we had one of the game designer check in his CSV data file into git so we can pull his changes and run the data through our tests automatically. He was on a Mac, so he used GitHub for Mac (very user friendly, […]
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