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Tim Schafer, Double Fine to crowd-source a new adventure game

Okay, I admit, I am a Tim Schafer fan.  If you know what we do at FableLabs, it should be no surprise that I love to see good stories in a game.  And Schafer has produced some of the most beautiful and story-rich graphics adventure games in the past.  He now turns to Kickstarter to […]
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gevent compatible Memcache client

I have been looking for a memcache client that plays well with gevent, and I stumbled upon one today: It’s written and maintained by the good folks at  They built Battlelog, the social network for Battlefield 3, using gevent and this memcache client.  They also released a gevent-compatible MySQL driver and a few […]
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Game Design: Rise of the Clones

There has been a recent flurry of media coverage on big game companies releasing clones of games developed by smaller, indie studios.  Here are a couple of claims made by two studios against Zynga: And here is a more recent and more serious accusation that is actually turning into a lawsuit, against our […]
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