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Changing default users collection name for accounts package in Meteor

We ran into a peculiar issue while working with Meteor at Gummicube. We had two separate Meteor application that both needed to access the same MongoDB since they shared many of the same collections, but they needed to have their own users collections. This was a problem, since the users collection always had the default […]
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Postmortem: Migrating MongoDB to DynamoDB

Introduction DynamoDB, a relatively new arrival to the NoSQL party, celebrated its three-year anniversary earlier this year. We have now seen it deployed in mature products like the portfolio of online games at TinyCo and our own app store optimization solution) at Gummicube. It’s pay-as-you-go, it’s extremely scalable, with basically zero administration overhead. However, it […]
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Oshiro Remake for iPad underway

Hey guys!  I’ve been meaning to start the remake of Oshiro on my free time for a long time.  I got inspired to tackle it at the beginning of this year, after seeing a couple friends having a lot of fun playing the old web version.  But I’ve been stuck in a waiting pattern because I didn’t know what framework/technology to use.  LoomSDK looked […]
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New puzzle game underway!

Don’t have a whole lot of specifics yet, but Rick and I dusted off a puzzle game prototype that had been sitting in his digital drawers for a few years, until some recent chain of events lead to its rediscovery.  And now we’re going to make it come alive on an iPad near you.  We’re […]
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Couchbase vs. DynamoDB for Free-To-Play Games

Perry and I used to joke about what will get released first: FableLab’s next game or Couchbase 2.0.  And yes, he won 🙂  But that does mean that I get the option to use the new version to power my next game.  Besides key operational improvement, 2.0 also added several key features that were missing […]
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If you are unable to find attached iOS device on Flash Builder 4.7 Beta 2…

Hey guys! We at FableLabs have been working on doing mobile development using Adobe AIR and our AS3 codebase on my Windows machine.  The new FB 4.7 Beta 2 and Project Monocle have been working out really well, exceeding our expectations.  And I will do a write up on them later when I finally get a breather. […]
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Upgrading Membase 1.7.2 to Couchbase 1.8.1, provisioned IOPS for EBS

I just completed an upgrade of our prod Membase cluster to go from 1.7.2 to Couchbase 1.8.1 community edition, which was made available recently.  Since I am planning to do the upgrade by taking all the nodes down and update all the server software which will incur downtime, I figured I will also try out […]
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gevent compatible Memcache client

I have been looking for a memcache client that plays well with gevent, and I stumbled upon one today: It’s written and maintained by the good folks at  They built Battlelog, the social network for Battlefield 3, using gevent and this memcache client.  They also released a gevent-compatible MySQL driver and a few […]
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Key stats to monitor for your Membase cluster

Happy holidays everyone!  I realize that from working with Membase in our production over the last year, I’ve collected a few key commands in my .bashrc for quickly checking vital stats on my Membase servers, many of them came from the good folks at Couchbase.   Their wiki has improved over the year as well, […]
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Migrating Membase Cluster – Part 2

After up all night babysitting the rebalance process, I am happy to report that it was a rather uneventful night of maintenance.  The rebalance itself took 8-9 hours to complete, and then took another hour for all the replicas to get saved to the disk also.  Theoretically, I didn’t need to take the site down […]
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