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Migrating Membase Cluster – Part 1

I got an email from EC2 a few days ago that a number of our instances that serves Animal Party have pending reboots coming up.   It turns out that ALL of the 8 nodes in our membase cluster are scheduled for a reboot.   Sure, a reboot on any database server is expected to […]
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Trouble handling Icon\r file with Git

We installed a new process for managing content couple weeks ago, where we had one of the game designer check in his CSV data file into git so we can pull his changes and run the data through our tests automatically. He was on a Mac, so he used GitHub for Mac (very user friendly, […]
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Setup Namespace URL for Flex project in FlashDevelop

Our game client at Tribal Crossing is all written in Flex, and naturally we used Flash Builder to handle our project.  However, I’ve always been partial to FlashDevelop, a much leaner IDE that has great editor features, faster compile time, and fantastic community support.  After being fed up with another Eclipse (the IDE that Flash Builder […]
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Issue with “npm install” on CentOS 5

Hey guys, I just ran into some issue installing using npm on my personal CentOS 5 box.  All the other node modules installed fine – but not  After some searching around, I found that it appears to be an issue with the version of tar that came with CentOS 5, which was 1.15. […]
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Sending batch app-to-user request on Facebook

With the release of the “live game feed” on Facebook, game requests and notifications now gets their own real estate on the upper right corner of your screen.   This immediately reminded me of the good old days of “notification war” on Facebook circa 2009.   Applications had free reign over your notifications and many […]
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Mootools conflicting with FB.ui (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘className’ of undefined)

I just spent a few hours running down a gnarly bug that became an issue on production late last night.  All of the FB.ui dialog calls began to fail on our website with a Javascript exception. After much trial and error, I was able to determine that Mootools was the root cause.  Without Mootools, everything […]
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Audio and Slides for Membase (Couchbase) Webinar

DZone has posted the slides and audio from the webinar I did with Perry.  It covers how we’re using Membase to scale our backend for Animal Party.  I have to say that I felt rather nervous during the webinar, but years of experience talking in front of a classroom and public speaking seem to have […]
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Webinar on using Couchbase for large scale games

I will be working with Perry from Couchbase tomorrow to plan out our Webinar – Couchbase: Scale Overnight from Thousands to Millions of Users The actual webinar will be take place Wednesday, March 30th, 9:00am.   If you want to hear about how we use a key-value store solution to achieve horizontal scaling with almost no sysadmin […]
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