If you are unable to find attached iOS device on Flash Builder 4.7 Beta 2…

Hey guys!

We at FableLabs have been working on doing mobile development using Adobe AIR and our AS3 codebase on my Windows machine.  The new FB 4.7 Beta 2 and Project Monocle have been working out really well, exceeding our expectations.  And I will do a write up on them later when I finally get a breather.  However, I did run into a problem with getting iOS devices recognized by FB today.  After burning a few hours on it, I finally figured it out… and I hope none of y’all will have to go through the same problem again 🙂

When you do “Debug over USB” and FB tells you that it doesn’t see the device AND you swear that AIR 3.4 is configured, latest iTunes is running, cable’s connected, iPad’s powered up, and sanity pills have been taken with the proper dosage, execute this command line tool to see what the underlying problem is:

<Flash Builder 4.7 Program Files>\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.348297\AIRSDK\lib\aot\bin\iOSBin\idb.exe -devices

(Note: If you are not using the default Flex SDK that comes with FB (for example, if you are using the AIR 3.5 Beta), find the command under your chosen SDK’s directory structure)

If it works, you should get some output like the following:

List of attached devices:
Handle  DeviceClass     DeviceUUID              DeviceName
   2    iPad            1234567890abcdef...     My Rad iPad

However, when I ran it, I get an error saying “The procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll” and tells me to check my iTunes installation.  I’m guessing most people will not get this issue, but if your iTunes installation is as broken as mine, download SQLite3.dll from here and drop it into the same directory as idb.exe.  Once you are able to get the command to run correctly, your FB should be able to recognize your precious iPad/iPhone.


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