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Tim Schafer, Double Fine to crowd-source a new adventure game

Okay, I admit, I am a Tim Schafer fan.  If you know what we do at FableLabs, it should be no surprise that I love to see good stories in a game.  And Schafer has produced some of the most beautiful and story-rich graphics adventure games in the past.  He now turns to Kickstarter to […]
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Game Design: Rise of the Clones

There has been a recent flurry of media coverage on big game companies releasing clones of games developed by smaller, indie studios.  Here are a couple of claims made by two studios against Zynga: And here is a more recent and more serious accusation that is actually turning into a lawsuit, against our […]
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Animal Party gets coverage in Inside Social Game

Animal Party hit the big 100k DAU and 800k MAU mark over the weekend!   Inside Social Game interviewed Tommy Wu, my co-founder/CEO, for a few quotes.  You can see the article here. We’re now doing various optimization and content tweak for Animal Party while continuing ahead on our next title.
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Animal Party hitting 500k MAU; Facebook Credits as currency

Animal Party joined the 6waves publishing network several weeks ago and we’ve been getting more traffic.  We also transitioned our monetization strategy to use Facebook Credits as a in-game currency, which made us eligible for various Facebook promotion that brought in additional traffic.  As a result, we broke 500k MAU for the first time since […]
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Post GDC Thoughts

The 2011 GDC took place earlier this month, and although I didn’t attend the actual conference this year, I read up on several of the session summaries and caught up with several of my friends in the industry.  My biggest observation this year is how the developers view towards “social games” have started to change. […]
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