Video Games Live Tour – Damn it was good.

I went to the Video Games Live tour with Rick in LA earlier this weekend.  We heard tracks from their past shows on Spotify, and we just decided to grab some tickets on a whim a couple months ago.   We know they play music from many classic games which are also our favorites, and the tour seems well received from our scant research prior to the purchase.

We got there, sat down… and it just blew me away.

On a personal level, it reminded me how video games have been such a tremendous part of my life, and how I am grateful to be part of this community.  I sat through the entire concert with goosebumps running through every square-inch of my skin, and I nearly teared up upon hearing the Halo and Chrono Trigger/Cross pieces.

I want to write more about it, but since the concert I’ve been reinvigorated to get some tedious game programming done.  But I certainly hope that you have a chance to check them out live!

P.S. Laura “Flute Link” Intravia performed at our show.  I have never seen her Zelda flute performance on YouTube, but now I understand why there is a major buzz surrounding her.  She is one impressively multi-talented video game geek who could be mistaken for a model.

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